Getting around Pipley Woods

Getting around

How to get to and get around Pipley Wood

Signpost in Pipley Wood

Getting to Pipley Wood

Pipley Wood is located off Lansdown Road (near Lansdown Race Course) in Bath.

It is located in the BA1 9BZ postode region (Note, clicking on that postcode will take you to a Google Map of the area)

Driving directions: From Bath drive to Lansdown, pass the Race Course and the Golf Club. Pipley wood can be found by taking the next left.

Map to find Pipley Wood from Bath

Getting around Pipley Wood

There are numerous maps placed at waymark posts around the Pipley Wood trails allowing you to take various routes to explore these historic woods. You can see a map of where they are located below:

Map of waymark posts in Pipley Wood

You can download a larger version of this map for printing here.