About Pipley Woods

What to see

The trees, plants, animals, birds and insects of Pipley Wood

Pipley Wood welcome sign

Pipley Wood is home to many plants and animals. Its canopy is made up of ash, sycamore and hazel trees with the occasional mature oak. Smaller plants include dog's mercury, bluebells, tufted hair-grass and dogtails, with mosses and ferns much in evidence. A visual record of the plants and animals in Pipley wood exists thanks to our previous Artist in Residence drawing many examples of the flora and fauna found in Pipley Wood.

Long-tailed titAnimals too can be found in abundance in Pipley Wood, with fox, roe deer, grey squirrels, rabbits, wood mice, bank voles and badgers all present. There is even evidence of dormice nesting in the woods.

Flitting from tree to tree are many bird species including resident breeders such as woodpeckers (green and great spotted), buzzards, sparrowhawks, owls (tawny and little), wagtails and wrens, as well as declining species such as song thrushes and bullfinches.

Insects such as dragonflies, grasshoppers, crickets, hover flies and butterflies abound. In fact, over 27 species of butterfly have been recorded in Pipley Wood, 3 of them very rare (Wood White, Pearl Bordered Fritillary and the Silver-washed Fritillary).